Guide to lead free renovation

We often renovate our old houses to attract buyers. But renovating your hold house means exposing yourself to the harmful effects of the paints that have the lead-base. The lead-based paints have a very severe effect on our health.

Lead is used to in paints for the past hundreds of years to make the colors last long and it even helped the colors to enhance more. Well, the scientists were not unaware of the health hazards caused by the presence of lead in the paints yet the tradition is followed till the date.

Some of the aware and concerned areas also prohibited the use of health-harming chemical “Lead” in the paints in the very early 1950’s. There was a movement brought in the USA to ban the use of lead in the paints but the government did not take an action till 1978. Exposure to lead can directly affect your body organs. The harmful exposure to lead can lead even to miscarriage. Children exposed to Lead paints can have learning issues and juvenile delinquency. In adults, it can cause a headache and damage of body organs with the increase in the blood pressure.

It is very important to understand the lead level at your home. If your house is built before 1978 then there is a good chance that the lead paint has been used in your house. Back in those there can lead used in the pipelines and in basins.

Its than becomes very important to renovate your house with any lead in it.

Here is a guide to lead free renovation of your house.

Get a certified contactor and make sure check the presence of lead.

Don’t use tap water directly for cooking and to the lead test of the water. Cover the furniture’s of the renovation area with the plastic and keep the children away for the renovating area.

Use HEPA vacuum to lean the house since it removes maximum amount of the dust particles from the air.

Wear mask ad gloves while you are removing paint from your walls.

After the renovation is done make sure you inspect for Lead paints usage.Clean up the renovated area properly using mask, gloves and HEPA vacuum.During the renovation work if the soil near your house get contaminated than it must be disposed properly.

You can take you family under test for exposure to lead if you have any doubts regarding your family health.